Toyota Corolla Cross

Dhs. 220.00

Rent Price

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The Toyota Corolla Cross is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable travelling experience. With reliable performance and fuel economy, it's the ideal car for rent in Dubai. For families, it's the perfect choice – a cheap family car that you can rent at an affordable price, for a stress-free journey. 

The Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 has arrived in Dubai. This economy car is perfect for renting, offering a stylish yet practical option for transportation. The Corolla Cross promises reliable performance and a spacious interior, ideal for all your trips in Dubai. Make your booking today.

Get around Dubai in style and convenience with a Toyota Corolla Cross rental. While small in size, it offers a 1.8L engine, 4 cylinder capability, and optimal fuel economy that make it an ideal economy car. Great for city drives and short trips alike, rent this model today for a reliable and economical ride. The Toyota Corolla Cross is the perfect economy car rental for your next travel adventure. Book Now! 

Note. Minimum booking for Economy Car Rental is 2 Days and Initial Deposit is 1500 AED