Dodge Charger GT

Dhs. 500.00

Rent your very own Dodge Charger GT and experience the thrill and speed that comes with it! Skye VIP Car Rental in Dubai has you covered, offering the best sports car rental around and a hi-speed engine that'll make you feel like you're flying! Live out your speed-demon dreams with VIP Sports Car Rental in Dubai and do it in style! Book Now

Unleash your inner speed demon with Dodge Charger GT. Whether you want a weekly car rental or monthly car rental, you can book the best sports car in Dubai. Get ready for a luxurious, adrenaline-filled experience.

Experience the thrill of the open road with a sports car rental of the Dodge Charger GT! Make your vacation or special event even more special with this classic car. The Dodge Charger GT is the perfect sports car for rental in Dubai With its smooth handling and powerful engine, you'll be riding in style in no time! Get on the road in the iconic Charger - let's race! 

Note. Minimum booking for this vehicle Rental is 2 Days and Initial Deposit is 1500 AED