Mercedes G 63 White

Dhs. 1,800.00

Rent the luxurious Mercedes G 63 White, the perfect rental for an unforgettable adventure in Dubai. This latest model SUV accommodates up to 5 passengers and provides the highest level of comfort and convenience. Book now from the best luxury car rental in Dubai!

Experience the thrill of driving a Mercedes G 63! This stunning 2022 model is perfect for taking a daring drive through the city and living life on the fast lane. Take this luxury SUV on an adventure as your pulse races and the roads open up in front of you. Live life to the fullest with this white, majestic monster.

Enjoy the best luxury SUV in Dubai, with its unrivaled style, power, and comfort. Our exclusive Super Luxury Car Rental provides unprecedented access to the most luxurious cars in the world. Drive in luxury and redefine your rental experience. Book Now!

Note. Minimum booking for this vehicle Rental is 2 Days and Initial Deposit is 1500 AED